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Masterclass Case Study – Kathy Dobson

Name : Kathy Dobson Niche : Internet Marketing Blog URL : Website URL : As with many people visualizing a successful Internet business, I was reading everything that came my way, emails to my inbox, numerous sales pages. There is no doubt that I was on information overload! But the one thing I [...]

Proof It Works – Stuart Turnbull

The video below shows you how successful one of my Masterclass students have become. This shows what can be achieved if you see the course right through to the end. Enjoy!

Masterclass Case Study – Steve Wilkins

Name: Steve Wilkins Niche: Internet Marketing Website: Product: Where do I start With John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass Programme?  A better question would probably be: Where was I before John’s Masterclass programme? It was around 2 years ago in 2007 that I started my money making adventures online and after doing some dabbling on [...]

Masteclass Case Study – Jacinta Dean

Name: Jacinta Dean Niche: Spray Tanning Blog URL: Website URL: Well where do I begin! My name is Jacinta and I have been a student of John Thornhill’s for the last 18 months. My story is probably like most, however maybe a little different. I am from Australia. I am in my very [...]

Masterclass Case Study – Stuart Turnbull

Name : Stuart Turnbull Niche : eBay & Internet Marketing Blog URL : Website URL : My story starts some years ago when I discovered eBay, this site opened my eyes to the huge money making potential of the internet, here was a global marketplace that anybody could enter with minimal upfront costs. [...]