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Well where do I begin! My name is Jacinta and I have been a student of John Thornhill’s for the last 18 months. My story is probably like most, however maybe a little different. I am from Australia. I am in my very late thirties and a stay at home mum learning how to create a business online while my 2 year old sleeps. (Well she is nearly 3 now!)

For many years during my early adult life I worked in many different jobs, studied different certificates, I even owned a couple of small businesses (lost a lot of money too!) I was never really one to stick at things, I would get bored too easily, not only that I really didn’t like being bossed around and told what to do just to earn some money. Life had its ups and it had its downs however everything changed when I fell pregnant with my child.

During my pregnancy I had to give up work due to gestational diabetes. I had no other income coming in so I decided to dabble in eBay. I had been teaching spray tanning at the time at a local beauty college and figured I could sell the machines and how to kits on eBay. This did work for a while except when I was 9 months pregnant trying to carry large boxes into the post office!

After my baby was born, I knew I wanted to create a business from home so I could be there for my child and earn an income at the same time. I didn’t know where to begin. In answer to my questions I received an email promoting a seminar called “World Internet Summit” I was curious, however with my little one only 6 weeks old at the time I knew I couldn’t go so I sent my father in my place.

My father took heaps of notes and came home very excited telling me a business online was the way to go. I was excited and curious all at the same time. For the next 12 months I researched and researched, bought product after product, got scammed a couple of times by people selling me junk. I must have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars. I was an internet marketers dream! All this time I was still trying to sell on eBay, however my market was getting saturated and it was becoming very hard to make a profit in my niche.

Everything shifted for me in April 2008. I was sitting at a hospital with my daughter when she was diagnosed with a condition that may have needed surgery. (She is fine now and all is well). I was in shock for a few days. My daughter had just turned 1, I had no money, no job, I don’t own a house and nor do I own a car. I took a big long look in the mirror, I cried for a couple of days and knew I had to make a change. I had to do something but I had no idea where to begin.

A couple of days later, yes the world works in mysterious ways, I was contacted by a lady who had a website dedicated to spray tanning. She asked me if she could promote my training manual from her site. I said fantastic and how do I do that? She told me I needed to create my own website and set up an affiliate program. I said OK how do I do that! She told me I had to learn how or get someone to do it for me.

Hmmmmm……No money to pay someone so second choice, I had to learn how! I started reading some of the stuff I had bought, but I ended up with information overload and completely confused. I knew I had to be taught how, but by whom?

One of the products I had bought was John Thornhill’s “90 Day PowerSeller”. I decided to have a read. Something clicked when I started to read John’s book. I liked his style of writing, I liked his honest truth. Being an Aussie we like straight up honest people who will tell you how it is and John is exactly that! This was June 2008. After reading the book I knew I wanted to learn from John and would you believe I received an email telling me about a coaching program John was doing starting the first week of July.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear……………..

I remember the 3rd of July 2008 very well. I was sitting up a 4 am in the morning, my eyes hanging out of my head from lack of sleep, but I knew I had to get a position in the training. It was a good thing I did stay up as the coaching program sold out in a matter of hours! I was lucky. I got in! I spent what little money I had and signed up for the 16 week coaching program. This was my beginning, however truthfully I only managed to complete half of that program, life got in the way and I only had very little time. I kept making excuses.

Christmas 2008 was difficult for me, we did not have a lot of money and I was only able to give my daughter a couple of gifts, and once again I knew I needed to kick my butt into gear. In January 2009 John was promoting his new program Marketing Masterclass. This was going to be a 36 week program. After the experience I had with the 16 week course I knew I wanted to be apart of this one so once again I was up early emailing John trying to get a position.

Again I got on, but this time things were different. I was determined, I was focused, and I knew my back was against the wall. I want a future for my daughter. I want to be able to buy a house one day and maybe even a new car, but most of all I want to be able to provide for my child as a parent should.

From the first week of February 2009 I became a very good little student. I studied hard, did most of my exercises and followed John’s program. Some weeks were easy and some weeks were hard. Sometimes I fell behind in the program and other weeks I caught up. I kept at it even if I could only do a couple of hours or even one hour per week. I kept the momentum going and never gave up. This time I did not let the excuses of life get in my way. I had many an insomnia night, and when I wanted to give up I would take one look at my sleeping daughter and get back to it again!

My perseverance paid off. I now know how to build a website, create a blog, and create a product, set up an affiliate program, drive traffic, market and so much more! Thanks to John’s Masterclass program I now have the tools to create a future for my daughter.

John is like the teacher that teaches you how to fish.

If you are reading this and are unsure about whether you want to sign up to John’s program or not, I can honestly say John is one of the most humble, truthful and genuine approachable marketers you will ever come across. He is real!

This program is not a get rich quick thing, and success will not happen overnight. You need to be focused and you need to treat this program as if you are studying at school. John teaches you step by step the very basics of how to create a business online. He has a “take you by the hand” approach and helps you every step of the way. If you want to find out in more detail about what we have learned this past year I have detailed summaries on my blog.

In the course were we given videos and checklists of tasks each week that we had to complete. Not only that we were also given access to some fantastic programs for free, however one of the best parts about this program would have to be the forum. Being able to communicate with fellow students was awesome. We have become a little internet family in there and we are all encouraging of each other and will always help each other out. I have met some amazing people that I know I will be friends for life, even if we are half a world away!

John Thornhill’s Marketing Master Class Program was the best decision I even made. If you are looking for a mentor that can help you set up a business online from scratch well here he is!

Thank you John for being an amazing mentor and thank you for being true!

Now I can look forward to my future and smile because of you.

Kind Regards

Jacinta Dean

(An Aussie mum trying to create a business online while her nearly 3 year old sleeps! J )

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  1. Earning money on the web is often dissicult at first however Its those that be persistant to it that succeed.

  2. Jacinta

    Your story really is inspiring.

    I had started Johns course and have had several set backs due to illness and familly passing away.

    I am still fighting on day by day and your story has really helped me to keep going..even though it is slow at times but I keep going.

    Best wishes for 2011.


  3. Jacinta,

    great to see another Aussie doing some great work. I’ve just enrolled in the Partnership to Success program after upgrading from the John Thornhill Coaching Program. I checked out your blog and was very impressed by how professional it is. John is obviously a great mentor.


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