Masterclass Case Study – Stuart Turnbull

Name : Stuart Turnbull

Niche : eBay & Internet Marketing

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My story starts some years ago when I discovered eBay, this site opened my eyes to the huge money making potential of the internet, here was a global marketplace that anybody could enter with minimal upfront costs.

I built a niche business and made a good second income on eBay but I developed a burning ambition to use the internet to earn all of my income and in doing so free myself from the 9-5 corporate jungle I had inhabited since I left school.

In the course of my eBay research I came across John Thornhill and began to follow his ideas.

In January 2008 John launched his first coaching course and this proved to be a turning point in my online ventures.

Through John’s easy to follow tutorial videos I created my first eBook which is a step by step guide to my eBay niche business methods. I built a blog at to record my progress and I began building my own subscriber list, this was a major (and steep!) learning curve for me as my tech skills were minimal so I relied heavily on John’s support.

Prints Make Profits proved to be a huge success and when John launched his Masterclass program I was keen to take my fledgling internet marketing business to the next level using John’s tried and tested methods.

Fast forward to today I now have a second eBook on the market and I provide a weekly newsletter to my subscribers through My subscriber list is growing steadily and so is my online income!

Writing this case study has prompted me to look back and assess my progress. Before John’s coaching I knew nothing about domains and hosting, I didn’t know what an autoresponder was I had no idea how to create and market information products or how to drive targeted traffic, in short I was a complete internet marketing beginner.

As an indication of how far I have progressed under John’s guidance, before I sat down to write this case study I was working on coaching materials for my own students, yes, I’m now passing on my knowledge to my own subscribers!

So, as you can imagine my life is very different now to what it was like. I feel like I have completed my internet marketing apprenticeship and I now have the right tools and a road map to realise all of my ambitions.

John Thornhill’s coaching and Masterclass programs have provided me with these tools and more importantly John’s personal advice, guidance and assistance have given me the belief and confidence to realise my online potential.

It is a great feeling to know that no matter what problems I encounter as I move forward and build my IM business John’s expert help is only an email away.

I don’t use the phrase ‘life changing’ lightly but John Thornhill’s Masterclass coaching has been a truly life changing experience for me.

If you have similar aspirations to my own and you ever get the opportunity to enrol in John Thornhill’s Masterclass I urge you to grab that opportunity with both hands, I promise you you won’t regret it.”

Cheers, John


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