Stop Chasing The Autopilot Income Dream

There is hardly a day goes by when your inbox is not flooded with offer after offer from Internet Marketers promising you ways to make easy money on autopilot while sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail.

As far as I know there is not a program that exists that allows you to make a easy autopilot income while doing nothing or if there is such a program it is a very well kept secret. This is actually one of the biggest reasons people fail online. They get sold promises of easy riches for doing very little work at all when the truth is there are no easy ways to make money online.

I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to this problem, you can be casually surfing the web and you come across a program online that looks like it could be perfect for you, it promises you overnight wealth and success and it requires hardly any work on your part, all you have to do is pay this product’s creator some of your hard earned cash and he/she will reveal to you the secret to easy wealth, so you decide to buy it. Only to find out things were not as they seemed and in fact there is a ton of work involved and things were not as easy as you thought, so you give up and keep searching.

The next day another offer lands in your inbox and the whole process starts again, and again, and again and before you know it your hard-drive is full of hundreds of products you’ve barely even glanced at, but worse still, you find you’ve wasted thousands of Dollars. I bet if you look at how much you’ve invested in these ‘get rich quick while sitting on the beach’ products and then look at how many hours you’ve invested in these products doing real work the cash would far outweigh the effort.

This is a vicious cycle people can easily find themselves caught up in, they chase the dream of easy riches and will buy into almost every program that promises them easy cash. If you find yourself in this situation you need to stop as you are doing yourself more harm than good. Just remember, there isn’t a product out there that can make you rich overnight, to become successful you must work hard and put the effort in.

The secret to success contains 4 letters.


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5 Responses to “Stop Chasing The Autopilot Income Dream”

  1. Yes John,

    There is no substitute for hard work, but only if it is worthwhile work. Some people can bust a gut only to go down the wrong path and waste all their efforts. I’ve been there and done that.

    What is needed is a focused approach and a mentor to steer you in the right direction. But the first thing to do is to ignore all the hype about the “latest way that somebody else made $7000 in just 7 days” and concentrate on what you can do.

    Not everybody is out to earn the mega-bucks that some people say you can make. I, for one, would be happy just to earn a comfortable income and be justly rewarded for my efforts.


  2. I didn’t even read this blog post.

    Whatever you said, I friggin agree with.

    I would be a line in the phone book without you.

    Thank you, John.


  3. Learn and duplicate the process.

    Work Hard setting it up and work hard to maintain it.


  4. Hi John

    As always, you speak the truth about success, business and profits with 20:20 vision. Your subscriber base and the massive range of incredible products you have created speak for themselves-that’s what hard work can lead to!

    Thanks again


  5. hello john

    this post is very true intodays internet marketing world
    people are just lazy by nature and not all puts the work in
    mark hughes the founder of herbalife said you work hard you will
    get more than you dream of and more and this quote stuck with me ever since.

    hype bs and flashy graphics is just one thing bull shit this alone cant make you a success the hard work will.

    you will get dreameres chasing dream after dream push button software crap people geting slamed with offers and signing up for gifts that they dont need of read ever.

    i heard this quote also if you got time you havnt got money if you havnt got time you got money this i believe is 100% true 95% fall into the first time and no money and that time is wasted when yhey go online falling down to many rabbit holes.

    and this is the reson i believe people not fail but they dont get started you cant fail if you havnt started people give up before they get going which is totally mad as when you do nothing you get nothing when you stop you get nothing never give up.

    i agree totally with you on this post john as people get pulled in and cant see a way out but with you on board john you have draged internet marketing to a new healthy way.

    thanks for a great post


    john richards

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